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Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Experts

At iCool, we strive to provide a genuine service that is reputable, offering a complete service package. As a result, over the years, our professional team have built detailed knowledge based on the necessary aspects of the industry with one formidable team, iCool, rather than having many businesses collaborate in individual areas. As a result, the outcome for our clients reflects a high level of skill, personal care and attention, with ease.

Additionally, the iCool team achieves significant and productive results due to our commitment to continually updating our skillset. With ongoing comprehensive training, our technicians can manage a job from start to finish, with attention to detail on the finer points.

At iCool, we have a 24/7 emergency breakdown service. In addition, all staff attend regular training to stay updated on all new technologies and advancements within our industry. Thus consistently ensuring accurate quality service and repairs.

We aim to provide a full and comprehensive service throughout all areas of our industry, as we have seen how partial services complicate and cost clients more in the long run. Our proven and skilled experience allows us to get your job done right the first time.

Our attention to detail is what we are known for. Reliability, experience and quality industry knowledge are what we pride ourselves on. As a result, we have loyal, long-term customers who can attest to our level of service. Try the iCool difference today!

At iCool, our service doesn’t stop at the completion of the job. We aim to provide prompt after-sales service and support, ensuring our customers won’t be left in the lurch. That’s why clients appreciate the iCool personal touch and expertise.