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Residential Air Conditioning

Residential air conditioning is an integral part of our business because we understand that being comfortable at home is essential, and assists in providing our clients with a good quality of life. With this in mind, iCool only uses reputable branded units together with superior materials to achieve an installation that looks good and offers years of hassle-free comfort.

Air Conditioning Aesthetic Appeal
When considering a new system for your home, where aesthetic appeal is important, thankfully, many leading brands understand that air conditioning is far more than cooling. Your air conditioning unit should fit seamlessly into your environment and look great.

Therefore, when we install your new system, we are mindful of the location inside and outside of your home. This includes consciously positioning the condensing unit as inconspicuously as possible.

Quality Brands And Suppliers
At iCool, we work with top-quality brands that you have come to know and trust. In addition, our suppliers are at the forefront of technology, understanding the need to constantly change and upgrade systems to correlate with advancements.

So, if you are after an air conditioning system, ask us for a quote. We will work with you and your budget to cool or warm your home with style and ease.

Warranty Work
iCool is a warranty agent for all the brands we provide, offering prompt after-sales service on all installation work, should an issue arise.